Now begins your adventure of a lifetime:
It's all here and more aboard the Sailing Sea Scout unitSea Eagleof Palo Alto, California

SSS Sea Eagle - Ship 65
What is Sea Scouts?  
First, you will never forget the year you joined Sea Scouts.  Friendships here far surpass any work, high school or college buddies.  And the adventures are amazing.  Sea Scouts first started in the United States in 1912.  Sea Scouts is also an international organization too; there are Sea Scouts all over the world.  U.S. Sea Scouting is a branch of the Boy Scouts of America - but that's where the connection ends.  In contrast, this is an organization for an older age group (14-20) with high adventure programs teaching self-reliance, seamanship and good citizenship.  Today, Sea Scouting is also a Co-Ed program with several all-women or co-ed units throughtout the United States.  For more information, the national sea scout web page is located at 

Skippers Note: at this time, this site serves  as a history of the Sea Eagle.  Following a career decision, I retired as Skipper in 2012 and all crew members (save one) graduated from high school and were off to college.  It was a pleasure to re-charter the Sea Eagle in 2001.  My father re-chartered her in 1976 and also served as Skipper until 1990.   Thus, the "Eagle" served Palo Alto youth for a combined 25 years. 
S/V Commodore Murray  (a Columbia 45 Sloop) with crew and officers